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Kickstart Your iPhone By Aaron Tru

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Brian Yanity on an undisclosed and beautiful beach in Orange County, CA. He had an amazing invention, but needed help bringing his product to life.  ROF Industries Inc. was the perfect place to go!

When producing a marketing video many variables come into play. Buzz words, call-to-action, and many other tools come into play when creating a successful multimedia marketing campaign. At ROF we have nearly two decades of experience producing engaging, one-of-a-kind multimedia marketing materials.

In this case, ROF was able to use key elements of these basic principles along with many more to help create a great video that brought Mr. Yanity’s product to life.

As an inventor, Brian is literally an expert in producing products.  Unfortunately, having an incredible product is not always enough. One must have sales and marketing materials that clearly explain what the product is, how it works, and ideal usages for it.

This is why we helped create a Kickstarter video for Brian Yanity.  Now he has the ability to plunge himself into endless possibilities with a worldwide audience for his new video!

ROF loves seeing our clients do well and we hope to always play a role in his continued success.  If you or anyone you know needs help creating marketing materials for businesses of any size please contact us! We have marketing packages that can easily be afforded with most any budget!!

The Kickstarter campaign is now live, please click the link below to see more:


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