Sondors Electric Bike

When we were hired by Agency 2.0 to capture photos & video of their Sondors Electric Bike demonstration we were so excited to learn more about this incredible bike.  Throughout the day we fell in love with the electric bike, as did everyone who rode it.  Such a cool design, easy to ride and with a great price point.  Check out the photos and video below.  Learn more about the bike by visiting- A15 A6 A27 A3 A13 A30

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

As many of you know, Chris & Nicole of ROF are obsessed with all things Irish!  Ireland has captured their hearts and they travel back to the emerald isle as often as possible.  These photos were from Chris & Nicole’s first trip together to Ireland.  It was a photog’s dream and they gathered thousands of images!  We hope you enjoy a bit of Ireland in the photos below…  5Dopedry dock- smallFor The BirdsChurchGate Colorfeed me- smallCastle FlarePray 2How Much_window- smallcross n' road- smallC shoots- smallYard Of GravesJack FrostCrepuscular Sheeprest- smallkilmalkedar view- smallholy colors- small

La Vida Laguna

La Vida Laguna is an incredibly innovative business that helps companies such as Kaiser Permanente with extremely unique team-building activities.  ROF was on-site when those from Kaiser were “shipwrecked” and had to work together to build shelter, cook food with solar ovens, distill drinking water from the ocean and so much more.  To see if they made it off the island click the link-

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Aloha Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii is such a phenomenal island with so many things to see!  We chose to stay outside of the main towns and we found an adorable ranch house in the mountains overlooking the Hamakua Coast.  The Hamakua Ranch House was the perfect choice for us and our little son fell in love with their horses, chickens and dogs.  The Eucalyptus trees surrounding the property were gorgeous! UpLeaf LitterVert Euc ForestThe Big Island is known for its volcanoes and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park did not disappoint.  Seeing the Halemaumau Crater was breathtaking and we had a blast hiking through the lava tubes and surrounding forest!Vert A Happy FamilyHalemaumau CreaterVert SmokinCutest Boy EverVolcano Field SunsetThe Big Island did not disappoint and we cannot wait to return again one day!  Aloha!Taking It All In


Commitment in Capistrano

We are so excited for our clients and new friends Lindy & Monte!  This Friday these two will tie the knot and ROF will be there on their special day.  We had a blast capturing their engagement photos… take a look! Wedding photos of this adorable couple to come!  LM8- smallLM28- smallLM18- smallLM27- smallLM13- smallLM31- smallLM2- smallLM44- smallLM53- small

Gallery At 37,000ft

When traveling by plane, you often find yourself with the best seat in the house flying high over some of the world’s most intriguing destinations. Not only do you have a bird’s eye view of the dramatic sea or landscapes, pay attention to the skies around you as well…you never know what you’ll be sharing the sky with! For times like these, we like to keep a camera handy. With the growing popularity of drones, an aerial perspective is really finding a niche market these days. Shooting from a commercial airliner is like having a drone x 10,000,000,000,000! Whether it’s flying over the glaciers of Greenland, or passing by the erie sight of 3 Mile Island…capturing images from a plane is a great way to bring home a different story than the one being told on the ground. Although these photos aren’t all shot a cruising altitude, when the wheels leave the runway… you never know what will find its way into our Gallery At 37,000ft.Vert Greenland 12- smallGreenland 25- smallLA- smallA Cloud View- smallMeteor Crater Landma#78D5E4Greenland 30- smallContrails B&W- smallVert Greenland 5- smallGreenland 18- smallIceland 10- smallVert USA 3- smallGreenland 7- smallGreenland 28- smallGreenland 16- smallToo Close- smallMesas- smallVert Greenland 1- smallB&W A Mountain Of Sn#78DB63Plane Below- small


ROF is excited to announce our partnership with Shatterproof!  We will be working 25 events in 15 different states over the next 7 months, capturing both photo and video.  Shatterproof is a national organization committed to protecting children from addiction to alcohol or other drugs and ending the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease. They are an amazing organization and we are honored to be working with them.  Learn more and sign up to rappel for this worthy cause!  IMG_3857 edit Aaron- small IMG_3305 edit Aaron- small IMG_9970 edit C- small IMG_9928 edit C IMG_3078 edit Aaron- small IMG_9942 edit C IMG_0202 edit C- small IMG_9947 edit C IMG_3023 edit Aaron- small

Shots from the Sky

We are working on an album with a collection of photos taken at about 38,000ft above the ground. It’s amazing some of the things you fly over when getting from Point A to Point B! This shot (from the upcoming album) attempts to capture the majesty of Iceland. I can only imagine how it looks from the ground!

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Recent Project

It really is so important to love where you work.  We spent a lot of time making sure our 2nd location represents our creativity and style.  Great videos & photos are all about how creative you can be and how you can showcase your client’s individual style.  It’s so nice when potential clients come to […]

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