A Black & White Birthday

Our little man turned 3 years old and ROF photographer Aaron was at his birthday party to capture every moment!  The photos look amazing in color but I always love the emotion that is captured with black & white photography.  Enjoy!IMG_5300- small IMG_5289- small IMG_5378- small IMG_5468- small IMG_5618- small IMG_5264- small IMG_5329- small IMG_5513- small IMG_5458- small IMG_5524- small IMG_5595- small IMG_5716- small IMG_5729- small IMG_6078- small IMG_5881- small IMG_5660- small

Happily Ever After

We have known the Walton family for quite some time so when they asked us to provide photo & video for an upcoming family wedding we were so excited!  The wedding was so creative with lots of beautiful touches.  The weather was perfect  and ROF photographers Marina & Aaron were able to play with the sun to capture some really special images.  Thanks again to the Waltons and congrats to Bree & Ross!  BR18- smallBR16- smallBR1- small BR232- smallBR3- small BR12- small BR9- small BR5- small BR200- small BR224- small BR246- small BR278- small BR291- small BR202- small

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Kim Kardashian Shocks Hollywood

Kim Kardashian shocks Hollywood and appears without Kanye West!  While Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara were showing off for ROF’s cameras at the LA premiere of their new movie, photographer Aaron Tru was also in “Hot Pursuit” of another celeb appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Recent Project

We LIVE for days like today! We got to shoot a music video in the Queen’s Salon on the Queen Mary…the location was STUNNING!! Here is a behind-the-scenes shot of our setup. Our crew worked reeeally HARD today. We are so grateful for our incredible team!! Viva la ROF Industries Inc.!! Share This:

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