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Firework Photography

If you want to try to get some spectacular firework photos, here are a few quick tips to follow: 

1st– We would recommend using a tripod and a DSLR.

2nd– Set your aperture to f/8 in manual mode and place your shutter speed in the ‘bulb’ setting.  Have your lens in its widest setting, preferably 24mm or less.  Experiment with your ISO between the 400- 800 range.  No flash is needed.  Note- this works best if you have a cable release to minimize any camera movement. 

3rd– Hold down the cable release or button until you have several bursts that happen in front of your lens. 

4th– Enjoy your image! 

 For those of you that will be shooting with an iPhone, don’t forget that you can hold down the “shoot” button for “rapid fire” photography.  This helps to ensure that you capture a great shot, event without a DSLR! 

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