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ROF President Nicole Staab is now writing for an Orange County based family magazine called Marmalade! Be sure to pick up your free copy at news racks throughout Orange County. Click on the link below to see her latest article online and learn more about Marmalade. Enjoy!


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The Spirit of Santa Monica

In honor of Spirit Day we would like to congratulate 2 of our favorite people- Ivan & Juan.  We were lucky enough to work with this couple and photograph their very special day.  They chose a beautiful location near the beach in Santa Monica, included their adorable baby girl in the wedding ceremony and were surrounded by close family and friends.  We have made friends for life and will be visiting them when we cross Puerto Rico off of our bucket list.  Congrats again and go purple!  🙂

IJ Welcome- smallPlaying With DaughterIJ Love The SunCeremony Holding HandsIJ Holding Hands 2IJ Candle View Of FriendsIJ The Flame Burns- smallIJ Love This HugVert B&W RingsWith Daughter And Color


Hollywood Cool In Palm Springs Hot

One of our favorite weddings was at a fabulous hotel in Palm Springs with a really fun couple named Marlene and Edgar.  They chose the perfect hotel to capture the vintage Hollywood look that they were hoping for.  We had so much fun helping them document their special day with both photos and video.  We wish them all the best!

900 Color In Motion

M Reflection

M Beautiful Gal_2

900 Pinning Little Man

900 Marching Towards Destiny

M Bridesmaids View

M Night Stroll

M Chill

900 Father

M With Coley

M Blow Kiss

Wedding on the Greens

What a day we had with this couple and their amazing family!  We were honored to be a part of their special day and we had a blast doing photography for them!  It’s so nice when you get to know your customers and they wind up becoming friends for life.  Below are some of our favorite shots from that day…

Stare B&W



Shoes B&W

Candid Two Shot

A Kiss While Driving1

On the Course

Serious Moment

Vert Bride's Personality



Hola Argentina!

Argentina is a country that constantly surprises you.  From exotic wild birds to shrines on the roadside dedicated to saints, Argentina never disappoints.  We have been lucky enough to visit and plan on heading back in February to capture more images and video.  We hope you enjoy these shots from one of our favorite countries!

Arg road

We landed in the capital of Buenos Aires and did some serious exploring.  We saw all of the hotspots thanks to our tour guide- my wonderful stepdad Marcelo.  The photo below shows a protest that was taking place in front of the cathedral.  The protesters were trying to free prisoners from Paraguay.  They were calm and we never felt threatened in any way.


Another favorite was visiting The Boca Juniors Museum and Stadium.  To say that Argentines take futbol (American soccer) seriously is an understatement.  Here, it is a way of life.  Diego Maradonna is just one of the many amazing futbol players to have graced this phenomenal futbol team.


As we drove to the town of Villa Gesell we were amazed by all the wild birds we saw along the way.  Unfortunately for Marcelo, my Mom (Karen) and I made him stop for every single bird so that we could take photos.

hawk flying

owl lover

Another thing we noticed while driving were all the shrines on the side of the road.  Some Argentines worship various folk saints and we were lucky enough to see shrines dedicated to 2 different saints.

The first was Difunta Correa.  It is believed that she died of thirst while trekking through the desert in an attempt to reach her husband who was battling in the Argentine civil wars.  Some hours later local villagers saw birds circling a small hill and, upon inspection, found the body of the dead woman with her still living son at her breast.  The miracle is that her son was still alive.  At these shrines they leave bottles of water in an attempt to “calm her eternal thirst.”  Her devout followers believe her to perform miracles and intercede for the living.

recycle saint orig

The second saint was Gauchito Gil.  Considered to be similar to Robin Hood, Gauchito Gil was part of a political battle between 2 political parties: the “red” and the “light blue.”  He was thought to belong to the “red”, hence the red flags, ribbons, etc.  He is regarded as the most prominent gaucho saint in Argentina.  The Catholic Church has not declared Gauchito Gil a saint, but many Argentine people are promoting him.

rojo saint

Around the town of Villa Gesell and other small towns, we saw many beautiful sights and had the time of our lives!  We got to see locals at Mar del Plata dancing Tango on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  We also got to eat incredible food like Argentine BBQ, empanadas and anything that included Dulce de leche!  We cannot wait to return to Argentina!  On one of our future trips we would love to visit Patagonia to see the glaciers, penguins and whales.  We’ve also heard that Iguazu Falls is not to be missed!

guy quilmes



windmill orig 2

house with trees

Recent Project

It really is so important to love where you work.  We spent a lot of time making sure our 2nd location represents our creativity and style.  Great videos & photos are all about how creative you can be and how you can showcase your client’s individual style.  It’s so nice when potential clients come to […]

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