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One of our favorite things about owning our own business is the freedom to travel with our kiddos.  Almost all of our trips are a mix of work & play.  We’re quite a spectacle with all of our photo & video gear plus luggage for a family of four.  I’m not a light packer either.  

This photo was taken in #turksandcaicos in the #carribean.  The water was so warm that we were able to stay in the water and work on our sunset photography.  I am obsessed with this photo that Chris captured of our kids.  

A couple tips for traveling with your kids:

  1. Be ready for the plane ride.  Try to board first, every airline has different rules but most will allow you to board early if you have little ones.  Before you board, know what you will keep below the seat and what you will put in the bin above your head.  Be sure you have everything you need in the bag below the seat.  There is nothing more frustrating than not having what you need when you need it, especially if your little one starts crying.  Be sure your little one drinks a bottle or with a straw as the plane is taking off; this helps with their ears.  Pack extra snacks, little surprises, new toys, books, etc.  The more organized I am, the easier the flight is.  
  2. Make sure the hotel you’re staying at knows that you are traveling with kids.  Find a friendly contact at the hotel and ask for tips/ help.  Some hotels go above & beyond to make sure your kids have a blast.  We have had hotels surprise us with yummy treats, kid’s toys, guides for touring the city with kids, extra strollers, etc.  

For more tips on how to travel the world with your kiddos, feel free to reach out with any questions to

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